Meerkat StandingIntelligent and extremely sociable, the meerkat has become an increasingly popular animal to adopt – thanks in no small part to a very successful tv ad campaign for insurance comparison engine comparethemarket.com which features a talking Russian meerkat named Aleksandr Orlov who has a catchphrase of ‘simples!’ – he even has his own website at comparethemeerkat.com

As a result of the adverts, global interest in meerkats has increased dramatically and it is possible, through The Aspinall Foundation to sponsor a real meerkat family at Port Lympne wildlife park – you can now give someone a truly unique and fun gift and help to fund animal conservation work in the process!

While the other animals that we promote are endangered or critically endangered, meerkats as a species are listed on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species as being of ‘Least Concern’. By sponsoring a meerkat you are not necessarily adopting a member of an endangered species, but your sponsorship money will be used in animal conservation work worldwide and you will be contributing to projects aimed at assisting the survival of species that are considerably less fortunate than the meerkat.

By sponsoring a meerkat through the Aspinall Foundation scheme you are actively playing a part in animal conservation projects worldwide and helping to prevent other species from becoming extinct. Adopt a meerkat today and make a difference.