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Adopt a meerkat: The Port Lympne Meerkat Family
Meerkat Family

Species: Meerkat

About the Port Lympne Meerkat Family:
The Meerkat family at Port Lympne arrived from Knowsley Safari Park in 2005 and are very popular with visitors. Always entertaining, the meerkats can actually be fed by visitors during the summer months. They will even come when they are called! Simples!

About Meerkats: Meerkats (suricata suricatta) are native to South Africa. Their name comes from the Dutch meaning ‘lake cat’ but they are not actually cats at all – they are in fact a type of mongoose – nor are they typically to be found by lakes!

Meerkats are one of the only species other than humans who have been observed actively teaching their young. One of the things they teach their young to do in the wild is how to catch and eat scorpions as meerkats are immune to most kinds types of scorpion and snake venom!

From just £3.00 a month you can adopt the Port Lymne meerkat mob, helping the Aspinall Foundation to safeguard the future of wild animals, and contributing towards tackling some of the largest conservation challenges that we are faced with today. Sponsor a meerkat today and make a difference.